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Building Resilience for Health Equity

Develop the people, processes, and resources to see your mission through.


Know where you're going and why, with full community buy-in, and continually improve.


Build cohesive and energized teams that understand and trust each other.


Clearly map your mission's success, and activate support to overcome barriers.


Fully fund and equip your initiatives for success and impact.

Solving big problems takes time. 

Are you ready for that journey?

Are you uncertain about the root causes of your community's challenges?

Is your team overwhelmed, turning over, or struggling to hire?

Is it hard to see how all the pieces fit together?

Are you chronically under-resourced?

Are the next steps unclear or confusing?

Do you wonder how you can possibly do everything that is needed?

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You have the passion for the mission.

We ensure you have the understanding, team, methods, and tools to succeed.

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Built To Last

We help changemakers and mission-driven organizations build resiliency at the organizational level to promote health equity within their own communities. You are creating health equity; we support you in establishing the practices and systems to keep your mission thriving and sustainable.

How We Help


  • Community Health Needs Assessments

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Enviornmental Scanning


  • Leadership retreats

  • MBTI

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Adult learning

  • Trauma-informed leadership


  • Technical assistance

  • Project planning

  • Resource development and connection

  • Funding strategies


  • Strategic planning

  • Business planning

  • Leadership Development

We cultivate space for capacity, restore ecosystems, and shift paradigms with partners in meaningful change.
Grant Writing
- Trampas Hutches, CEO
  Melissa Memorial Hospital


“Melissa is a remarkable health care resource; from rural health, oral health, strategy, policy and many other areas.  I always enjoy working with her and all the projects she has done for me have had a major success.”  


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