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What we do:

Business Development

Gaining recognition from the right audiences can often be burdensome and limit obtaining the attention needed to sustain your nonprofit programs.  Business development solutions fosters access to the right people and organizations, while also providing avenues to increase possibilities.

Community Needs Assessment

Your community relies on your nonprofit to serve them, and you rely on your community to survive.  Yet, it's often difficult to gain consensus on your foremost needs and to create a plan of attack.  Community needs assessments utilize a proven method to systematically evaluate the quantitative needs of your community and a mechanism to survey community members through a forum of leaders in the area.  The results are multi-faceted including buy-in from community leaders and an informed scope of your community's needs.

Funding Strategies

Your nonprofit needs money to achieve your mission.  That is apparent, but grants can no longer be the only mechanism to raise revenue.  Vertical Strategies helps to develop innovative and creative revenue channels for your nonprofit.

Grant Writing

Grant writing allows your nonprofit to increase operational capacity and/or develop programs to further your mission.

Marketing & Public Awareness

Nonprofits, as a generalization, are excellent at administering programs that serve their community.  They, however, often lack the internal expertise and capacity to let their stakeholders know and understand the impact they're making.  Through strategic marketing and public awareness campaigns, Vertical Strategies can effectively inform the community and external stakeholders of the excellent work of your nonprofit.  The results are a more engaged community and a healthier nonprofit.

Organizational Development

Your organization has a unique and fragile homeostasis.  This is not something quantified on your budget, but instead is rooted into your culture.  From a departmental culture assessment to the utilization of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Vertical Strategies can help improve the foundation of your organization by investing energy into your teams.


Academic writing and sharing knowledge through peer-reviewed, evidence-based research is becoming a necessity for nonprofits to thrive and sustain.  Funders want to know the quantitative and proven qualitative impact of their investment, yet many nonprofits lack the expertise to create notable research documents.  Vertical Strategies can help others understand your organization's impact in your community and consumers.

Special Projects

Nonprofits often have desires and ideas but lack the capacity to make them happen.  Vertical Strategies has the ability to organize ideas into an actionable work plan and assist with the execution of the projects.  We are adept at project management for short term and long term endeavors.  Projects can range from updating the content in your funders' database to large-scale physical plant expansion or service diversification.  Vertical Strategies also provides tools and solutions to best utilize your current and future employees, creating a culture of maximum productivity.

Strategic Planning & Environmental Scanning

Benjamin Franklin said, "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail."  To survive as a nonprofit requires regular evaluation of the environment and systematic planning for the future.  With an in-depth analysis of your market and stakeholders, Vertical Strategies facilitates actionable and obtainable future goals.

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“Melissa is a remarkable health care resource; from rural health, oral health, strategy, policy and many other areas.  I always enjoy working with her and all the projects she has done for me have had a major success.”  


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